Fanfics and Summaries

Hetalia fanfics only for now. I’m lazy oTL. I’ll get around to doing others, and my oneshots + upcoming stuffs :’D

1. Absolutely (completed)

Pairing: S. KoreaxHong Kong

Summary: AU. Starting off at a new school, knowing absolutely nobody, and getting lost in a building three times smaller than your previous school is definitely not a good start to being 14 years old for Korea. Especially when he finds himself crushing on someone.

Rating: T

2. Just One Night (completed)

Pairing: S. KoreaxHong Kong

Summary: It’s just one night, right? Korea thinks it won’t do much, just to play around with Hong Kong in bed, after drinking. Mpreg.

Rating: M

Warnings: rape, mpreg, a little bit of OOC!Korea and OOC!Hong Kong

3. Family Ties

Pairing: S. KoreaxHong Kong, some mentions of RussiaxChina and VietnamxTaiwan

Summary: Now that he has a family to look after, Hong Kong finds himself in a big mess of stress and dealing with a certain Korean. Sequel to Just One Night, rated for later content and language.

Rating: M

Warnings: mpreg, past mpreg, strong language at some points, smut, and implied rape.

4. Fire Tales (on hiatus for a few weeks)

Pairings: (OC) RigaxVilnius

Summary: So many old tales can be found by just looking through a book of old memories that you never thought that you had anymore. Almost anything can honestly be found with that. OCs used.

Rating: T

Warnings: some dialouge is in Latvian, and OCs

5. The Crazy Family

Pairings: none :”D

Summary: Who would’ve guessed that taking care of five kids would be so hard? Apparently China didn’t. Oneshots of the Asian family growing up.

Rating: K+

Warnings: a little OOC, some crack, a few short chapters every once in awhile.

Thank you very, very, much for all the support given to me by my readers and friends! 😀 (and patience, thank God xD)

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