My day today, I guess since this is a blog, I’ll blog about my boring life

So I decided I was going to blog about my life today, since this is a blog here.

I got a haircut today.

…….it was actually a trim, but I count that as a haircut. It’s cutting hair=haircut.

I got five million complements on my hair color. Whenever I go to places like a hair salon, and someone is doing whatever with my hair, that happens. “Your hair is such a pretty color!” “"People pay hundreds of dollars to get their hair that color!” “Don’t ever dye your hair!”


What else did I do today?

I ate lunch with my mom, after not seeing her for about a week or so. We ate at a Chinese buffet, but there was sushi there which kind of bothered me because…sushi is Japanese. Oh well, I didn’t eat any (afraid XD).

After that, I went to Books-a-Million to go get my friend Miranda a birthday present =w=;;. I wanted to get her like five million things, but I didn’t have that much money ehe….

So that is my boring life.

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