oh hai there

So I’m back from vacation #1. Well I’ve been back for a day or so.

Now moving onto vacation#2 =_=

Leaving in about half an hour.


As I expected, this all has given me some stress to deal with so that’s why I put myself on hiatus for about two weeks. I’m going to update everything in the course of late next week. Don’t worry, I haven’t died. Thankfully, I have internets at this place I’m going on vacation to so I can talk to my lovelies and roleplay. Oh and keep my karma on plurk from going down again….


A car I saw in Orlando

I totally only want a car like this because of the Mountain Dew logo on it.

Well thanks to all the people being so patient XD

I promise the new stuff won’t be the shitty stuff I usually write. It’ll be a million times better, all of my stress will hopefully be gone by then….. ._.;;

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