‘ello guys, taking a bit of a break!

Just taking a short break from writing/posting anything! Why? I’m going on vacation, of course~

Two vacations in two weeks :D. One of them I want to go on, the other…not so much.

Tomorrow, I’m leaving to go to Orlando with a few friends. I’ll be gone for four days, I come back home for two days…and then leave for a family vacation that we go on EVERY SINGLE YEAR for about five days. So in total, I will not be posting anything for…roughly two weeks, or a little less. I’ll be bringing my laptop to the family vacation thing, but I don’t plan on writing anything because I will probably not get any free time by myself ‘cause that’s how my family vacations go (my worse nightmare…not one bit of free time O_O).

So have a great…two weeks or so without any new stuff (apologies! >.<)

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