orz I’m a lazy ass

it really is true.

Was wallowing my own self despair for a good two days of the week today…

Don’t want to write…

I blame my hormones. They’ve been insane lately (for anyone who wants to know ._.)

I’ll write a little more starting on…

Either Monday (`cause I’m skipping school on Monday) or later this week (I’ve only got three more days of school :D). Woohoo.

More ideas for myself to write about, I hope to write these fanfictions over the summer:

  • TaiwanxBelarus
    • Summary: Taiwan and Belarus are ready for it. They want to have a child, and there’s only one thing stopping them—they’re both female. It’s a good thing that male Taiwan and male Belarus are ready to star their own intimate baby making relationship too. It might also be a help that a certain Englishman also has a gender switching potion ready, as well.
    • Title: Switch
      • (creative title, I know)
    • Pairing: TaiwanxBelarus, male!Taiwanxmale!Belarus
    • Warnings: fem!preg, yuri, yaoi, possible smut, cracky at some points
  • S. KoreaxHong Kong
    • Summary: In the world of modern relationships, there’s always a thin line between ‘they’re using me’ or ‘they’re really someone I love’. Now Korea is just faced with one question; is his Cantonese boyfriend really the one he loves, or is Hong Kong just using him?
    • Title: Swindle the Heart Away (I’ll still love you anyway)
    • Pairings: S. KoreaxHong Kong
    • Warnings:….smut…probably


I will get to writing these….eventually ouo

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