Oh yes…that’s really mature


Sometimes my friends are so offensive. I know they don’t mean it to be like that, they have no idea that I’m a lesbian and will find things like ‘oh that’s so gay!’ ‘ew, you were looking at her butt! You lesbo!’ offensive.

OF COURSE, I’m too scared to tell them that too……..

And one of my friends assuming I’m straight and talking to me about guys she finds cute and shit like that is a completely different story………sigh.

Oh well, mini rant to self is over 😀

They moved testing back. It’s now next week. Another week to procrastinate on studying! WOOHOO!


I wanna get into credit classes next year (I’m eligible to get into three credit courses! :D), and they look at your grades from the testing they’re doing next week. So I should probably try to study and prepare for those tests…….shit.

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