Bucket list, I guess

So I’m making myself a ‘to-do before I get into college list’…….because of this kind of procrastination on writing (SHIT SINCE WHEN DO I DO THAT?!) a smut fanfic (alright, since when do I do THAT?! It must be because I’m listening to Big’n’Rich right now….not a very good band to listen to when you’re trying to write lovely smut but nonetheless). Ahem anyway. I have made a list that will probably get longer by the time anything is ever done on it.

  • Give Mr. C a hug on the last day of next year and this year
  • Write a RoChu fanfic (like a full one, not just oneshots)
  • Finish all the requests that I have to get done
  • Read (or just scan through, because I can’t read Japanese….) a REAL weekly issue of Shounen Jump in Japanese
  • Finally get the nerve to kill a cockroach (I am ridiculously afraid of those things)
  • Come out (yeah, planning on doing this before I get into college….)
  • Go out of the country again
  • Finish all those foreign language online courses that I’ve started
  • Go to an anime convention
  • Do some detailed shading
  • Actually finish a doujinshi (writing/drawing one, that is)
  • Get a  girlfriend (eventually………) (well I dunno if I technically have one but whatever…………)
  • Stop procrastinating

Well, that’s just the stuff I need to do basically before I turn 18. Yay.

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