Special Day Today :D

Well, special for many reasons at that xD.

First off, it is my youngest sister’s birthday today :D. I think that she has had the best birthday…day….today :). Now I will probably get smacked in the head on my birthday (Sunday, oh my God! I feel old >w>;; )

And uh. Failness toady in science xD.

“Isn’t the Northport school small?”

“Well, I don’t know, I haven’t been there before-”

“It is small, I’ve been there before.”

Dear lord, my classmates are…’special’, so to say xD.

And this during lunch:
Calan:-spazzes and hits jakob on accident-
Jakob: Fuck you, Calan! that’s like the fifth time I’ve said that to you all day…
Calan: You must really want to fuck me, dont you?
Calan: You want to fuck me in the asshole?? D:
Jakob: Oh shut up! I don’t mean that!
Calan: Fine…
Jakob:-trying to find a way to say this to Calan in a way that Calan won’t think as perverted or whatever- bitch….
Calan: You’re going to fuck me in the asshole and then call me a bitch?! D:
Lindsay and I:-OTL-

And I have achieved my dream, reach 1400+ pageviews on dA before I actually turn 14. Yey.

Also, I have a new fanfic idea. It’s Taiwan/Belarus (IN THAT ORDER). I will post it as soon as possible šŸ™‚

I’m in a good mood today. I realised something about myself, that I am a lesbian. Guys…guys are so ugh. Except for fictional guys =w=. Yeah so…heh.

I feel so much better, there’s just the problem of telling people :’D. Oh well, I’m too happy to care x].

Busy week. My birthday is this Sunday :). I’m excited.

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