Heads Up

Just to post a bit of a heads up to my wonderful readers.

My aunt is coming down here on the 28th! :’D I am really excited, I never get to see her. So I’ll be trying to spend as much time with her as possible :).

That also means that my time to write and post more stories and art will probably be a little limited. But at least I’ll be able to do something that’s time consuming, that I actually enjoy. Except for maybe a little bit of hw and studying, that is -_-;;.

I’m not saying that I won’t update at all, I’m just giving a heads up saying that I MIGHT not be.

Have a lovely day~

Oh and I might as well do this~ I wanna share some pretty good KoHo pics that I’ve found >w<. It makes my fangirl heart scream with joy ;w;. I want to write some more for them too, so be on the lookout for some more fanfics ;D. Probably just oneshots, but nonetheless! 😀

Oh and I’m pretty excited too. I may get to go to Italy for a school trip next fall. :3

This has given me some definite ideas! I want to write HKxfem!Korea. I think that it'd be cute ;w;

More ideas to say. I want to write a Halloween fic now, but it's nowhere near Halloween ;A;. I want HK to be my waiter.....

This doesn't strike any inspiration to me at all, but I want some juice after looking at it. :3

Also for the creeps who have a desire to see what I look like, I'm the red haired one in this picture. The other girl with the hat on is my friend Miranda.(photo was taken a while ago, btw :'D)

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