Rawr, I’m too lazy and tired and busy to write anything. Sorry. I uh….need to study. Dammit. I hate seedless non vascular plants and angiosperms and gymnosperms and plants in general. I hate learning the anatomy of flowers too =.=;;. Why can’t we just say, one plant is vascular and one isn’t??? D: It would make this so much easier to learn -_-;;.

And uh yeah. Algebra is being a pain ._.

So is L.A.

And kinda civics too. I hate learning about juries. Sorry about the slow amount of updates on…a lot of stuff. I’m busy. Kinda.

Well, I’m busy enough that I’m too tired to write. So there. I get time on the computer, but I’m working on my tech. class project, I’m working on my L.A. homework, I’m studying for civics, I’m studying AND doing homework for algebra, and I’m correcting my notes and shit for science. Apologies, once again ;_;.

I’m not on hiatus, by the way. Nothing is.

I’m just a bit busy….and tired. I will try to update everything by Friday. I have Friday off, so unless I get dragged into my friend coming over or I go over to her house….I have all the time in the world to write.

;w;. Unless, my homework isn’t done by then. But I doubt it.

Well, again, my apologies. Don’t hate me x’D.

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