Testing is *officially*done tomorrow :D. The grade ahead of me has testing tomorrow, all of the morning so I have no idea what we’ll be doing tomorrow for class OTL. I know we’ll be having a mock-up exam (dammit) for Life Science tomorrow so……….D:

I guess I should be sleeping right now, or at least looking to expect on my test tomorrow and then trying to study right now but……laziness/not wanting to do and studying/just plain not wanting to sleep (a big surprise for me) is taking more control of me. xD.

Anyway, I guess I’ll talk about the test today.

It was math.

Two parts to it. We did both part today ;_;. God, my head doesn’t hurt as much as I expected it to………..

Well, it was a lot easier than I thought it would be xDD. Haha, I didn’t even expect to see stuff that I learned LAST year on the test! :’D. I almost laughed. But the ‘assessment approved calculator’ quite confused me. It wasn’t scientific (I guess they’re afraid we’d use it for all those long equations with multiple stuffs to do on it), and it was just a standard calculator -_-;;.

Well, the ‘off’ button was where the ‘on/c’ button was on my standard four function calculator, and I didn’t notice that for the longest time. I was sitting through my teacher reading the instructions and going waaaaay ahead of where I was stuck at (trying to test the calculator to see if it actually worked, and worked properly), until I realised that I was hitting the off button……….and then I saw the ‘on/c’ button and nearly smacked myself.

I think the first part was the hardest :p. I didn’t enjoy it, and it took me almost the whole 70 minutes they give you to take the test to finish it. But the 2nd part was sooooo much easier ^^. I got through it in about half an hour. Then I was left to sit there for 40 minutes, doing nothing =_=;;. That was pretty dull.

Ohhh and one of the questions was about a guy named Alfred who needed to know how much the airport would charge him for bringing two extra carry-on bags =w=. I almost laughed, but then I remembered I had to keep quiet or else…………..

I DIE!! D:

No, not that. It’s just if you talk during state standardized testing, they invalidate your test -.-;;. So I didn’t want that to happen, and kept my mouth shut. But when I got home I laughed. Yeah. I know. I kinda fail a little xD.

But other than that I have a funny story to tell.

As detentions and stuff, the kids in detention have to clean the school up. Jeremy had detention yesterday, after the testing. He was cleaning the windows xD.

And while he’s cleaning the windows of the class that I was in (we were watching a move =u=, the 1st Karate Kid), he just sticks his head up against the window glass and is watching the movie while cleaning the windows. It was pretty funny xDD.

And so, I just realised that I’m the only girl in my technology class D:. Nuuuu………..oh well. I’m exposed to stupid boy humour constantly in that class. OTL, but I find it pretty funny xDD.

Imma be off to bed now so good night~

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