Best quotes from the week….

I dunno. I saw someone on dA do this so……I thought that I would xDD

  • “It’s boy stalking time!” -Lovely
  • “Rick Scott is the most irritating governor so far…he has like soul.” -My civics teacher
  • “Are you sure we didn’t pick you up on the side of the road one day?” -My dad (to me)
  • “FLUFFY BALLS!” -Miranda (quoting her friend)
  • “That AT&T commercial demonstrates my thinking process perfectly; it makes more sense if you don’t think about it!” -Me
  • “Why don’t you go dig yourself a hole, and DIE in it?” -Me
  • “NO! I don’t want your freaking Chex Mix dildos!” -Jakob
  • “It is no longer Calan….it is Frubbles.” -Calan (Frubbles)
  • “….no wait, I mean raccins. Like how Avery says it.” -Chase
  • “What the hell was that?” “It was a snurtle.” “What the hell is a snurtle?” “It’s a snake and turtle mixed together.” “I HAVE A SNURTLE!!!!!!!” -Part of a rp I did
  • “You know what? These pieces of Chex Mix look like dildos….” -Calan (then he threw them at Jakob)
  • “The worst thing happened to me while I was presenting my report in class….a giant bug crawled on me, and when I was talking. And then I kicked my leg and it went flying. I hope it hit Johnny.” -Lindsay


Good times….good times…..

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