As for the winners…..

Actually, there is nothing here to win…….buuuuttttt…..

First and foremost, it’s only what? 4.6.2011? AND HEHE. I have got 2000+ views on all my fanfics so far! HUGSGKJgmnsjfdkmghkgzKLsnv!!!

I guess that’s just me showing mah love for the people who contributed to that :”D. Oh and uh…The Crazy Family has got over 100 reviews~ I feel quite loved that people actually enjoy that fanfic so much, because I really don’t update it that often. Unless I’m feeling stress, or have an idea ;_;. As for what I’m stressed over……I don’t wanna talk to anyone about it really.

But nonetheless, that’s just awesome! Thanks for Cifer10 for the 100th review :”D. I need some serious self esteem raising, I think….OTL.

Maybe if I think of actually sleeping for over seven hours on a school night, something I will happen. xDDD.

I have no school tomorrow~ I mean Friday. No school on Friday |D. More time to procrastinate on studying for the testing next week! yaaaaaaay Dx

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