I was hysterical during algebra today because my calculator wouldn’t turn on. And we were starting on this supersupersuper long equation that makes you feel like “HOLY FUUUUUUUCK HOW DO I DOOOOO THIIISSS??!?!!! D:<“. So I was nearly hysterically pressing the button for it to turn on, and it wouldn’t turn on. Then I realised that the button I was pressing was the CE button instead of the ‘ON’ button. I fail xDD. My calculator is stupid though. If you don’t press on the buttons hard enough, it doesn’t but the numbers in and then you get frustrated because it has no delete button. Yeah. A scientific calculator that the delete/backspace button is broke on. :/



I have testing next week D: I’m not afraid, but still….D:

I want to draw something. But everytime I go to draw it, I get interrupted by something because of my small attention span Dx. I also need to be replying to rp posts, I just……don’t feel like replying xDD. I know….OTL. I have like twenty different rps going on right now xDD.

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