look a tag…

I was tagged on dA like sooooo long ago, it’s not even funny. I didn’t even do the tag xDD. Well, here goes, it is a list of 20 random facts about me…..;w;

1. I have rational fears of the strangest things: doctors/dentists, toaster ovens, flowers, bees, wasps, and any type of food that is blackened completely.

2. I have a sister (younger than me)

3. I get my inspirations from the weirdest places

4. My favourite bands (in order) are The Fratellis, Astro’n’out, and My Chemical Romance

5. Whenever I watch TV, I always find the urge to flip through the channels, instead of watching the actual show…OTL.

6. I know Latvian (but my Latvian has gotten worse over the years ;_; ), English, and little tiny bit (by tiny I mean TINY) bit of German.

7. I used the ‘xD’ ‘:’D’ ‘;w;’ and ‘x”D’ faces too much.

8. I’m bisexual.

9. My favourite colour is purple. I love all purples, and dark pinks.

10. I refuse to wear skirts. But I wear dresses if they’re not overly long and flowy.

11. I can’t stand the colours yellow or orange.

12. I know all of Europa (Globus) by heart.

13. I like to assume the pen names of Ginny, Verdette, or Kilina. Neither of those are in any way related to my real name xDD.

14. I’m most like Poland from Hetalia.

15. The characters I *really* like from Hetalia are S. Korea, Hong Kong, China, Latvia, Lithuania, and Russia. And I hope you know what that means by ‘really’ xDD.

16. I try to learn a bunch of different languages, but I never have the time to do so ;_;

17. I think that the only guy I currently like that is real is Mikey Way ;w;.

18.I always mess up on the word definitely. I can never get it spelled right D:

19. I was called British by Calan the other day….that is not true, I’m most definitely Irish :p

20. I procrastinate. A lot.


I want to write a little bit of Hong KongxKorea, but it completely goes against my standards OTL

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