(anyone else find that funny? He’s just like…flapflapflap xD)

So guess what?

I’ve got writer’s block ;_; On practically everything. But I’m busy this week, so it doesn’t really matter DX.

School is stressful. I’ve got to present a report for science on 4.5.11 D: Scared xDD. I can’t sleep. I’ve got a headache. This period sucks :/. At least I won’t be presenting with it D’:

I think I’m in a really good yuri mood. Maybe I’ll draw something……..

On a side note, Absolutely was originally meant to go along to the song Absolutely by Nine Days (I think). But it kind of turned into a stalkerish fanfic xD. Nothin’ wrong with that though~

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After seeing this, I shamelessly want to write a fanfic where HK is wearing a maid's costume xDD


Who thinks that Korea’s gone a bit overboard (in Absolutely) with trying to figure out what’s going on with Hong Kong? Who actually is reading this from is dA? If you are, then please comment ^^.

Hmmm…there’s a lot I want to write, I just…don’t feel like writing…….xD OTL, I fail sometimes.

OTL I want to cosplay as Switzerland too. I think I’ll go as him next year at Metro-con. OTL I want to write some Hong KongxKorea xD. uke!Korea is cute~

But I have no ideas for anything D:

I just really contradicted myself right there….

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