Oh That Dentist….


I went to the *dun dun dun* DENTIST today.


Actually, the dentist wasn’t that bad….All they did was seal my teeth. It actually turned out that I had two cavities. But they were small, and I didn’t even know that I had them . And then the dentist just kind of scraped them off, and then filled them, and then sealed my molars……xD. Oh the fun~ It didn’t even hurt ;w;

But then on the way home, there was a giant wreck/traffic jam. So we were stuck for a while . But then halfway through that, my mom just goes off onto another road…xD And we got home

And apparently guinea pigs are illegal immigrants…..John says that he’s going to be a guinea pig farmer, and sell the guinea pigs to his ‘fellow Peruvians’. I have no comment on that one xDD.

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