To-Do List

So that people know how busy i’ll be this weekend….and because I think i need to make a to-do list xDD.


School Stuff:

*Science written report, FINISH IT BEFORE MONDAY (has barely been started on ;_; )

*Science fair board (I hate science fair…)

*LA2H Week 25 homework…..gah

*Two missing civics assignments (I have to find what they are though ;_; )

*Warm/Cold contrast colours for art

*Blueprints for structure in TSA


Not School Stuff:

*Finish Absolutely ch. 8

*Write the yuri oneshots that I’ve been meaning to write for ages….

*Draw the request from mah dear Lovely~

*Kiriban (9000) request from Ninken-sama

*Fire Tales ch. 2 and epilouge

*Talk to Katie.,….xD


So there’s my weekend planned out xDD
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