Last Year….

Well today I reflected on…last year…in the shower.

Last year was just STRANGE. I mean last year in school ._. In my group of friends at school, there’s only three of us (including me) that went to my school last year. SERIOUSLY, SCHOOL LAST YEAR WAS WEIRD.

I remember the last school dance so clearly….I danced with TYLER. I mean that in itself is just…weird. Tyler is just one of those kids you see, and you think ‘well…uh…um…’. ^^;

Anywho, Miranda and I were jsut sort of hanging around at the dance, not doing anything. And Miranda said that we should both get someone to dance with. I said that sounded ok, and she grabbed me and pulled me to Tyler.

I only agreed to this because I was under the notion that Miranda was going to get someone to dance with. Well.

First things first, Tyler is like “O_O;; what?” when Miranda said that I wanted to dance with him (and it was not him I wanted to dance with, thank you very much, Miranda). And then he just sort of stands there for a minute and then says yes. WHEN A FUCKING SLOW SONG IS ON. THAT JUST MADE IT WEIRDER. AND MORE AWKWARD.

And so he puts his arms around me and I do the same to him, and then he starts talking to me. He asked me this (in exact words):

“So why do you like all that Death Note and anime and Mello stuff?”

That in itself made this weird. And by this point, the whole cafeteria (the dance was being held in the cafeteria) is watching O_O. I was just thinking when he asked me that “what?” because even I wouldn’t ask something like that. I just said that I liked anime because it was…good? It was just getting awkward there.

Really another reason why it was just so weird is that I’m taller than Tyler. By like….uhh…five centimeters. Honestly. It was weird. And then after that (my MOM was watching this too, she volunteered at the dance >_>;; ), the dance ended. So Miranda never danced with anyone. Nice going, self xD.

Miranda came up to me and is all like “dude, his hands were a little to low”. I just was like ._. to her xD. It was so weird last year….

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