warning: Rant

Warning: rant about homophobia and stuff like that. Don’t read if you don’t want to.


I can’t stand homophobia anymore. I mean I seriously can’t. There’s so much that I can honestly go on and on about it. I just don’t get why people are idiots and don’t realize that they have to accept that people can been fucking different. It bothers me so much. And it’s not just the fact that people can be gay, lesbian, or bi, too. “Normal” people don’t want to accept anyone who isn’t “normal” in their view. I can’t stand it.

And it’s not a big problem with most people. Some people just don’t realize that people get offended when you say “oh that’s gay”. Because in all honestly, I get offended by that, even if I’m not gay. I’m bi. I think it’s offensive to homosexuals when you say something like that. Because the original meaning of gay is happy. I DON’T GET IT. I know that some people (including me) say that things are retarded, I’m not too proud of it but I have, and there are people in the world that do have mental retardation. The original meaning of the word ‘retard’ is to get away, something like that. I just don’t like it.

I hate how people online say that they like yaoi and yuri, but when they see actual real gay people, real lesbians, and real bisexuals, they completely alienate them, and treat them like they’re the worse people on earth (And I KNOW there are people like that, I’ve know a person like that ;_; ). Getting back to the homophobia topic, I know that some people have stuff against being a homosexual. Seriously, some religions are like that, it could just be the way someone was raised, but why so harsh?

Kids at my school are so just MEAN about it. I haven’t told anyone there that I’m bi for that reason exactly; no even my closest friends. I’m just scared of what people will think. It’s driving me crazy, I think. I’m getting stressed over it, actually. I begin to worry if my friends will still like me, even though I know that they probably would still keep me as a friend. I just don’t know what to do sometimes, and I know I keep treating it like I’ve got nothing to do and am just getting desperate ;_;. I’ve talked to a few of my online friends about it, but I still am worried; I’ve talked to two other people I know in real life, but it still bothers me.

Back to the rant, I just don’t know why people don’t want to accept that people are different. Even in America (which is apparently supposed to be a free country), you’re judged over whether you’re straight or not. I don’t think that’s right. And let me tell you something. You pay money to the government for the military, but half of it goes to find out whether some soldiers are gay or lesbian. WHAT. THE. HELL.

You’ve got soldiers willing to fight for their country, and risk their lives and safety, and you’re worried about whether they’re gay or not. That is just horrible. Even the government is against it in the US. Read the Declaration of Independence. America broke away from Britain because they wanted to be free. They said in the Declaration that “Every Man is created equal”. WHY THE HELL ARE YOU WORRYING ABOUT SOMEONE BEING STRAIGHT OR NOT?! Just because someone is gay or lesbian or bi, does not mean they’re a bad person.

Just why? I don’t like it. People are being judged on their sexuality. Discrimination is terrible.

We’re doing something about the Holocaust in l.a. We’re listing the cons and pros of it. People are constantly saying stuff about Jews and gay people. I want to just yell out that the correct term is ‘homosexual’. I don’t like it.

According to statistics, Southern US (where I live) has the most issue with homophobia than any other region in the US, so I guess that’s why I’m ranting so much now.

But it bothers me.

Just had to let it all vent.
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