I’m hungry. Seriously.

But I’m afraid to go out to the kitchen and get something to eat, because my mom and sister are watching a scary ass movie. I can’t watch those things O_O;; I can’t even listen to them, that’s how much they fucking scare me.

But I’m SO HUNGRY. I barely ate any lunch. I wasn’t hungry. Maybe I have a supply of food hidden somewhere in my room….I usually do. But I dunno where it would be. I probably don’t have any food in my room right now.

God I’m stupid. I didn’t even notice the thing of M&M’s JUST SITTING THERE ON MY DESK NEXT TO MY HOMEWORK THAT HAS YET TO BE DONE (it’s been due for like a week now orz). Oh but of course I can’t even open it….

AND I don’t even notice a pair of scissors on my desk…


Who wants to see my China keychain? It’s sooo cute owo


ISN’T IT??!! I got it like….about a month and a half ago owo. I love it.

new stuffs is coming out maybe tonight. This week was tough :I

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