So I was thinking. And I realized something. Family Ties is pretty popular o3o. And so is Just One Night. Really, those are probably my favourite fanfics that I’ve written for Hetalia so far. Family Ties being first (because I like writing all the little stuff with Korea, Hk, and Xiùlán. And ’cause I got to write Hk being pregnant longer ;w;. He’s soooo cute like that lol!), and Just One Night being at second. I really loved writing them both OwO. They were fun to write, and really got rid of some stress too (because if anyone didn’t know, I was pretty stressed about halfway through writing Just One Night and Family Ties. I was really starting to consider putting something off for a week or two because of something else, that I never told anyone about >.<. But I don’t want to talk about that right now xD.) Anyway, I just feel like writing all this stuff about how it all started (orz, this might actually end up being long >.>).

WELL. First off, my love of mpreg started off of this AMAZING Bleach fanfiction by Just Saint Cita off of (here’s the link). It really inspired me as to how it was written and all. Then I started to read this APH mpreg fanfic for RussiaxChina, and it was pretty good…but it was a little too fluffy for my liking and didn’t have a whole lot of point other than the fact that it was an accident. So I started to search around for more mpreg fanfics for APH, and I found one that was soooo cute. And there was a little bit of KoHo in it too, which is what just won me over to write KoHo mpreg, because it was such an underloved pairing ;_; (and I absolutely adored KoHo. It was just too cute ;w; ). I was thinking of writing a RoChu mpreg story at first, once I’d decided that I wanted to write an mpreg fanfic.

But then I thought that I should definitely do GiriPan, because I’ve never read any mpreg for them before. But I was like ‘noooo…….it’s too much of a liked pairing, there’s probably hundreds of fanfics for them like that…’. And I wanted it to be really different from the other fanifcs that were APH mpreg, so that’s how the whole idea for Korea raping Hk came from. I didn’t think that it would get a negative response though, because I got flamed twice on deviantART about how I made Korea completely ruined? Eh something like that, and they said that it was badly written? =.= Whatever, I didn’t even care that much, but it really does bring you down just a little (especially if you have low self esteem >.>;; ). So I wasn’t thinking that Just One Night would get as negative as a a response as it would’ve on dA.

But that really didn’t bother me for more than one day, and I got back to writing more owo. Major helps with writing it goes to one of my best friends, DeathQueenMisa on deviantART, because she was always helping me with what I could add in and helping me get through writing. And all the people on dA who always commented on the newest chapters, saying that they couldn’t wait for more~ : D. LOVE YOU GUYS! Big inspiration and help.

And then there were my lovely reviewers on I always looked forward to reading you guys’ reviews when I got up in the morning ;w;. Every once in a while, I’d go back and read the reviews on the review page again xD. Orz, failure, I know xDD. I’d do that sometimes do that same with my comments on dA, just go and read them when I was stuck on writing something. It seems that after I finished writing Just One Night, that it actually started to get more attention. Lol.

So I’m going to go on more XD.

To be specific, Just One Night started off as a really good dream. That I won’t say anything else about. It was a pretty steamy dream about Hong Kong and Korea having sex ;w;. But it was actually a bit disturbing too…….xD. But instead of Korea being seme, Hk was and it was actually rape ;o;. But when I woke up (it was like 1 in the morning, I’d fallen asleep on the couch orz), I thought that Korea would make a hotter seme. And I started writing, and I’m just talking to myself when I’m halfway through (I do this. A LOT):

Shannon #1: Dude…..this is when you could start on that other fanfic, so you don’t spam your people who are watching/following you with a rape oneshot, and then an mpreg fanfic.

Shannon #2: Derr hurrr, no. I don’t want to really. I don’t even know much about pregnant people, other than they have to have sex and then there sperm and shit like that.


Shannon #2: o.o

So I basically scared myself into writing Just One Night….yeah. I tend to talk to myself, don’t ask xD.

Going on more:

Stuff that happened and whyyyy~(In Just One Night only, because FT isn’t done)

Chapter 1:

OK I explained why this was rape, so I don’t feel the need to…..explain again. Orz.

Chapter 2:

Why Hk was puking….well that’s ’cause that’s totally the first sign of being pregnant in mpreg fanfics, unless that guy has a man period…..but that’d just be weird if Hk had…ahem….a man period. That would just be awkward xD. SO. I figured to just have him get sick. LOL. I just realized once I posted the chapter that it’s usually at the world conferences when they realize they’re pregnant in APH mpreg fanfics. Lol. I chose China to be the one to break this to Hong Kong because…..well just because China’s cool. and is totally feminine enough to be Hk’s mother. Yeaaahhhh. I never really got around to explaining fully to why and how that mpreg was possible in Just One Night, or Family Ties. I dunno, I just kind of…*wasn’t thinking*. I wrote it down, for China to explain it all, but it sounded too scientific. I think someone would look at me like ‘wtf you thought that hard about it?’. xD. So yeah. I just now go by this:

[taken from my notes…]

Countries in Hetalia are born with both reproductive cells, both egg and sperm cells. Which enables a male country to get impregnated by another male country. It also allows a female country to do vice versa to another female country. The males have organs similar to the female womb, uterus, and vagina.


Ahem so yeah.

Moving on.

Chapter 3:

I didn’t continue China and Hong Kong’s talking in the beginning of this chapter because I ran out of things for them to say. ‘Nuff said.

I really don’t like this chapter very much, honestly. I was trying to study for my midterms, but I had to update so I just wrote some crap up fast. I mean, I wanted to write the whole argument between Korea and Hk as to whether or not Hk should be on his own. But I was so just >_>;; that I never did. Maybe I’ll make a thing where I put all these things where I wanted to put more of my shitty mind works in. Maybe.

Chapter 4:

I HATE this chapter. I do, it’s my least favorite. I think that it’s way to short and pointless. But I wanted to build up some stuff, and not take the story too fast so…..what had to be done was done xD. When I mean it’s too short, it was only like 600 words. Way too short for even me >.>;;. I wanted to write about what Hong Kong was going to do in the shower, but……there was nothing really that I could find for him to do in there except……well. Take a shower xDD.

Chapter 5:

Hong Kong crying is one of my favorite scenes from Family Ties and Just One Night xD. I liked writing that part ;w;. Why? Because it’s soooo OOC for Hong Kong, of course! I happen to enjoy writing OOCness….xD. I was planning on it ending after that, but it was too short ._. So that’s why China came in randomly. xD

Chapter 6:

CRAVINGS! Yes! This was surprisingly fun to write ;w;. (look, this is getting to over 1400 words). Hong Kong was going soft here ;w;.

Chapter 7:

THIS CHAPTER REALLY BRUNG ME TO KEEP WRITING! :D. I time skipped a little, and heh…I was starting to think that the plot didn’t have much to it, and wanted to add to it ;w;. So thus this chapter gave a little Xiùlán in Hk’s stomach was taken from a fanfic I read. It was uhh….I don’t remember what pairing it was, but it was sooooo cute! I had to just had to put it o3o. I don’t even remember what the title was too. Now that I’m talking about this, I’m getting urges to read some mpreg……..xD. Oh yeah, and one of the first typos that I didn’t notice until about a week after I posted this chapter is in it. Try and find it. XD

Chapter 8:

I was desperately stuck on writing this chapter. I wanted Hong Kong and Korea to have…..’bonding time’ but I didn’t know what to put in for that xD. Ninken-sama off of deviantART gave the suggestion of China telling Korea to take Hong Kong out for dinner. Or something like that. It went like that xD.

Chapter 9:

A well loved chapter OwO. I had some help from DeathQueenMisa here. D’aww, Xiùlán’s cute even when she’s not born yet XD. or unborn. Something like that. My English failing. Hong Kong let Korea touch him there, because he saw that since it was Korea’s kid too, he could at least do that for him xD.

Chapter 10:

I time skipped here, because I couldn’t find any situations to put in between. I wanted to have Xiùlán born on a holiday or something like that…… yeah. I realized about the time when I finished Just One Night that Hong Kong celebrates Chinese New Year. OTL. I wrote this chapter before I learned that the water usually breaks AFTER contractions usually. So keep that in mind, anyone who’s going to be writing mpreg and labor ;o;

Chapter 11:

Longest chapter of Just One Night. I enjoyed writing this. I was up from 11 PM until 3 AM writing this. I was looking stuff up (because I knew nothing >_>;; ) and found a few………different things that helped. Yet disturbed me. Hah….anyway. Hong Kong peed himself (I feel bad about that xD) just because of……..I don’t know, I needed something to happen. I was planning on them having a girl from the very beginning, once I decided on making this mpreg ;w;.

Chapter 12:

The name Xiùlán means orchid. Or something like that, I’m in a hurry to finish this lol! And I wanted to give her a Korean name, but then decided not to. Because I thought that Xiùlán was pretty OwO.


Well………that’s my thoughts all out. GEEZ. This is over 1500+ words. Cookies if you read through this all.

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