So I got something that’s been on my mind, and stressing me out a little too, off my chest. I’m actually pretty happy. But the saddness of this is that I’m stuck on writing the new FT chapter >.>.

But I’m also not planning on updating anything until saturday night, so i guess you can all wait and I might’ve come up with something by then? Yeah, I hope so.

But I’m still a little just…nervous about what it is that I got off my chest >.<;;. I dunno if I even want to talk about it to anyone except for people I reallyreallyreally trust completely (not that I don’t trust anyone on here, but I mean like my bestbestbest online friends. I don’t know what my irl friends will think of it >.<).

I’m also stuck on writing the new Absolutely chapter too……gah damn it. I think if I go drink some soda I’ll come up with something good. (If you want to help me, go PM, email, or whatever me. I’d appreciate the help! ^^)

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