Ha, look

I went like a whole entire four/five days without posting a blog on here, yet on deviantART, I’ve been spamming my watchers with shit about my personal life xD.  Hahahha…..


Lately, i’ve been getting into MCR (My Chemical Romance) roleplay with my lovely and best friend (AKA, ~DeathQueenMisa on deviantART) on msn. I just recently got my msn account, and I love msn. I love IM xD. It’s so….just cool, and unlike talking to people on Facebook orz. So that night that I posted my last blog on (like…the 23rd?) I went out of dinner with meh family.

It was one of those Dutch restruants, where they have all that Amish stuff there >_>. Anyway, i went to the bathroom during dinner. BUT THIS PLACE IS SO CONFUSING.

First off, the restruant is HUGE. I had to walk ALL THE WAY to the back of that freaking place to just get to the bathrooms. And then when I get to the place where the sign says that apparently the bathrooms are down this hallway with a door in front on them. Kind of like a giant walk in closet, with door leading to mens’ and womens’ bathrooms. WELL.

The sign on the door was in DUTCH. I DO NOT SPEAK DUTCH. I had NO IDEA what it said. But the sign above it said ‘restrooms’, yet the sign on the actual door said something in…I THINK Dutch. Well it wasn’t English, and it wasn’t Latvian either. I was greatly confused by this.

So I just opened the door up, hoping that it wasn’t some place I shouldn’t even THINK of going into.

Well, it turns out it WAS the bathroom xD. Lmao, I am a failure sometimes.

And I’m going to make this quick because I think I am going to go and eat dinner soon~

Ahem yes.

I will be posting things that have to do with my fanfics (which can be read here). BUT LATER BECAUSE I AM STARVING /shotbecauseoflazynessandhunger



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