Oh Look…..

Today (or at least this whole weekend) has been like..INSANE. i have so busy >.>”
I hate when I have practically no free time. It really just leaves me with no…free time xD. And then I feel all tired because I feel like I’ve been running all around like a maniac all day/weekend >.<;;. I feel lately like I have had no time to spend by myself >.>. I hate that feeling too. I have to have time to spend by myself or I just go insane. I can’t stand it.

But anyway, today at school was just…weird, like normal =.=…Calan figured out how to type ‘boobies’ on the calculator xD. He kept showing that to Lindsay, and she put ‘go to hell’ on the calculator then. I’m surprised that Ms.Gardana didn’t see them xD. Haha, she gets onto everyone about stuff like that except for my class xD. She loves my class. Maybe because we have her for homeroom ^^;. I think that’s pretty funny.

Oh and I would lovelovelovelove to get started on my doujinshi (more than 1 panel) but…damn homework >.>….


Check out this pretty cool video too; it has a catchy song~

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