Alright, I have a rant about something that bothers me to the extreme…

That game, Tetris!

That…game…it bothers and angers and frustrates me to no ends! I can’t play that game! I seriously am like this by the time I am two minutes into the game:


^^;. That game is so depressing, because I can never finish it either! I really really really really hate that game. And what bothers me is that my mum has that game on her cell phone….I think that she likes to play it whenever I’m around her because she KNOWS I can never win at that game…xD.

Oh yeah. That up there is how many hits/visitors my fanfic account has gotten so far, in just like…uhhh….a little over two weeks (yes, this was taken earlier, so I don’t know if it’s changed at all ;_; ).  This makes me happy :’D…

Does someone want to help me with how to embed pictures and stuff with html, please?
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