Oh Look I Found Something Else I Should Be Doing…

And it is very true xD.

I have like five hundred things I should/could be doing right now (sleeping for instance!). But I realllly am not that tired any more I just drank a can of coke, I think that’s why. So on my deviantART, I posted about something slightly disturbing and sad so here I’ll post what ELSE happened today~

Well, first off on Valentine’s Day Mykenzie gave these window sticker…things out for presents. And Tyler asked Ms.Gardana (our algebra teacher) if they would stick to the ceiling if he threw them up there. And she said “I don’t care”, so I guess that means that you could throw your’s up onto the ceiling…alright, so Tyler threw his up onto the ceiling (it actually did stick), Katlynn (this reallllly irritating girl) threw her’s, and Chase threw his. And today, the first thing I walk into when I get into homeroom (which is algebra ._.), is Avery standing up on a chair with the broom used to clean the class floors, trying to get the sticky thing down. It was odd ._.

And in science…John asked the stupidest question ever.

“What’s the difference between being Hungarian and hungry?”

I think he knew that answer to that but was just being…stupid, I guess xD. Anyway, it was funny. And in l.a….nothing really happened. But in civics, the class (INCLUDING the teacher) got into a discussion about gay cats. Yeah. I know, my school is weird x’D….

Um, I want to say something else happened, but nothing else really did ._.


P.S. I’ve almost got over 9000 pageviews on deviantART! YES!
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